SMX Advanced 2012: You&A with Matt Cutts & Danny Sullivan

SMX Advanced 2012 (Seattle)
SMX Advanced 2012 (Seattle)

So you rolled out the Penguin update…is it a penalty?

MattCutts: Panda was designed to clear out the crap between really nice content and really bad content. Content that fell through the gap.

Penguin was designed to tackle webspam. Penalty is a manual action done by the webspam team. Penguin was not that. Penguin was an algorithmic change. We don’t think of Penguin as a penalty. We have over 200 signals for ranking. Penguin is another signal.

Penalty is a manual slap. Penguin was algorithmic.

If you get manual action against your site (ie a penalty), then you’ll get an email in webmaster tools 99% of the time.

So if you get an email about an action taken against your site, you’ll know that it was a manual penalty, not an algorithmic one.

WPMU site issue.

Blog networks. Negative SEO.

If you get an email from Google in webmaster tools and you don’t take action, you will get penalized eventually.

Do links still work as democracy of the web?

Douglas Adams wrote, “Space is big.”

Google Webspam Team doesn’t use Google Analytics data as a signal. – CONFIRMED

Google Reviews rich snippets spam?

We need to see earnest, good faith effort to remove those bad links.

If you can’t get rid of the bad links to a page, should you just get rid of the page?

We have taken down tens of thousands – maybe hundreds of thousands – of sites for doing bad stuff.

It’s early days of Google+.

The beauty of being on Webmaster Tools for so long, I’ve been yelled at a lot. I’ve had time to develop a thick skin.

3 coolest things in search right now:

1. Knowledge Graph – I like that you can get an overview of things

2. I’m really excited about the fact that we’ve been pushing for more transparency.

I’ve gotta take 10,000 steps before I go to bed tonight.

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