SMX Advanced 2012: Hardcore Social Tactics

SMX Advanced 2012 (Seattle)
SMX Advanced 2012 (Seattle)

@moniquethegeek, Thunder SEO

Data mining in Pinterest (via @aaronfriedman) – Find out who is pinning most often

PinReach: research people on Pinterest



twitalyzer & twrtland

Next Up: Marty Weintraub, CEO @aimclear

Marty! He’s the best.

Facebook is a glorified email list.

Facebook is a subscription list.

Brand pushes to users. Users have conversations.

  1. Brand posts on page.
  2. Subscribers see it.
  3. Subscribers might engage it. Might like, share, comment.
  4. Conversations break out.
  5. But their friends don’t ever see it and interact with it.
  6. Conversations used to jump the wall. But that doesn’t happen anymore.
  7. Facebook limited the ability for conversations to “jump the wall”
  8. Sponsored stories in feed: Facebook makes you pay to jump the wall now.
  9. Sponsored stories are now in the feed, so they get like 5% clickthru rate.

First, start content on site that you own, with OpenGraph implemented, so it looks good when you post it to Facebook. When you make a FB ad for the post, target it to groups and job titles and niche sites

Page Post ad (first degree), FB at large, expensive, site and wall traffic, likes
Page Post Like Story (Second degree) – inexpensive, traffic to site, few likes, target friend of friends
Page Like Story (second degree) – expensive, traffic to wall, many likes, targets friends of anyone who has ever liked your page

Pay what you have to pay. Target your seed groups.

Have an open minds about the parts of FB that might actually be dangerous.

Brent Csutoras, Kairay Media @brentscutoras

Viral traffic & networks

Social tactics, concepts, philosophies

Content marketing still works. Better than it ever has before. It’s harder now.

SEJournal: 80k visits from stumbleupon, 170 pins on pinterest

Tip 1: be prepared to succeed
– dedicated person or team
– understanding of targeted social media communities
– established accounts and networks
– plan for what happens after success
– never know what will succeed or fail!

The biggest wins I’ve ever had were the ones I thought would never succeed.

WeirdAsianNews – run by Brent

Tip 2: monitor your site in social
– got 200,000 visits in one day from reddit
– bookmark a search on all social networks, check them every day

Tip 3: Reddit… For Realz
– don’t worry about accounts
– silent bans and filters
— new to reddit
— new to subreddit
— account filtered
— domain filtered
— manual approval
– checks (while logged out)
— view profile for page not found
— check new section
* logged in by not on main page

Know the subreddit rules
– TIL has to be two months old
– bestof is only for reddit links
– NSFW needs to be nude
– WorldNews excludes US news


– Pinterest cares about the account
– focus on your network
– #tags for search
– weekends and evenings

– network tree/popular algorithm
– build network appropriately
– share with network strategically to get positive votes

stay very active
– show up on /content/

Choose categories & Tags strategically
– run stumbleupon ad campaign
— helps whitelist your domain
— identify related tags
— learn subscriber nunbers

Tip 5: what I’m not saying

– I won’t say certain things in public, so if you have any questions, ask me.

Vince Blackham (@vinceblackham), Director of Social Media at 97th Floor

Why you should be on pinterest.

Visual content is king.

Pinterest users don’t like data, so infographics don’t work.

Size matters!

Incorrectly-sized pictures give no reason to click on the image to get to your site.

Shoot for <5,000 px tall/long

Large header, clear steps.

DIY’s and How-To’s have shown the most success.

Peak hours: 4pm-11pm is a good time to target

stop thinking linkbait. Start thinking resourcebait. How can I get people to my site? How can I get them to buy? To interact?

Use tineye to check for attribution.


Why no talk about Google+?
– Brent: I’m a little weary about playing with a Google account.
– Marty: Make no mistake, PR, social media & SEO have all been mashed together.

Brent, can you talk a little bit about subreddits and specific topics?
– There is a subreddit for everything.
– Pay attention to the second clicks in social.
– We don’t care about the 100k visits. We want the people who will come in and sign up and/or buy.

New up and coming sites?
– TheFancy
– TheFancy is all based on products