SMX Advanced 2011: Yes, Virginia, Tweeting is SEO

Moderator: Danny Sullivan, Editor-in-Chief, Search Engine Land

Q&A Moderator: Jeff Ferguson, CEO, Fang Digital Marketing


  • Michael Hayward, CEO, ROI Labs
  • Jennifer Lopez, Community Manager, SEOmoz
  • Sean Percival, Vice President, Online Marketing, Myspace
  • Elle Shelley, VP Social Media, Zog Media

Up first is Michael Hayward:

  • Challenge 1: We need a Twitter strategy.
  • Commerce and lead generation
  • Customer service and complaint monitoring
  • Reputation management
  • Promotional messaging
  • Trying to monitor everything becomes a nightmare for scalability.
  • Challenge 2: Online Publishing Reality: niche publications don’t develop an online audience; advertising can’t be sold
  • Future of Four Seasons Magazine
  • Advertising support
  • Online presence
  • Can’t just PDF your magazinge and be successful
  • However, the online value-ad is a competitive necessity
  • Challenge 3: Trying to reach customers earlier in the buying cycle
  • Reaching into the top of the longtail of travel search
  • Homepage overload: new spa, new restaurant, new chef, latest promotion, destination guides
  • Search to the Rescue:
  • Tweets contain: brand, top of the tail terms, built a custom link shortner (, deep link into magazine with tracking variables built in, editorial calendar set up to a year in advance based on when articles go into magazine and then get tweeted
  • Good point about scheduling tweets months and months in advance, based on seasonal peaks. Optimize frequency with search in mind.
  • Search traffic from search has grown over 50% in the past 4 years; all other traffic sources +5%
  • Now ranking for non-travel terms


  1. Use twitter as key driver of SEO strategy
  2. Magazine became part of the the SEO strategy
    — advertising now subsidizes search
  3. Use the Magazine to carry general/inspiration content

Next up is Elle Shelley from ZOGMedia:

  • “Just as search was in 1998, social is today.” – Jeff Herzog
  • Tip 1: Integrate into Strategy
  • Be organized, Work backwards with content, sprinkle short AND longtail keywords
  • Customer Continuum: Awareness, Consideration, Decision, Transaction, Advocacy

Oops. Gotta run. Sorry.