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  1. “Familiarize Yourself with the Twitter Suspended Accounts Criteria
    This page” – that page doesn’t exist anymore…

  2. Hello, I found you through a google search on suspended accts . k this is a very silly yet its becoming a very annoying situation. Before I even start let me just explain that I know computers,Internet etc 101 and THAT’S IT. other than that im a bird brain. my problem is i have several computers in the home with a cable modem and a “gateway” router. Here’s the problem. I have twitter but so does MY LITTLE BROTHER!! I basically use twitter for news info following interesting people etc. My little brother is a pain in the neck on there. He keeps getting Accounts suspended and making up new SN’s. I was unaware of this until last week when MY screen name as well as every other acct associated with apparently this IP address had been suspended too. I was able to talk to a twitter employee to get my acct back on but now its happened twice. I don’t know how long they’re going to be reinstating my acct by using my little brother excuse (even though its the truth). I told the kid to knock it off but other then locking him in the closet hes gonna keep doing it. Ive been doing research and stumbled upon proxies. Then i found your twitter acct. I really don’t know what a proxy is but from what i was reading it seems to say things about unblocking accounts.. Is there any tricks that you know that I would either be able to hide my IP, use this proxy etc. I could care less if the accounts he makes keeps getting suspended i just want MY acct to NOT be suspended.. like i said in the beginning, im a moron when it comes to IP’s proxies etc. Do you know any tricks I could do. It would be much appreciated. Sorry for such a long email. I was just trying to explain my situation as best i could since its an unusual one. I’ve already added you to my twitter followers and I’m definitely going to promote you on my page because of some other things that I found helpful on your site. but i was unable to find anything about my situation..Let me know if there is anything you can do to help MY acct from being suspended.. thank you

    the above letter i sent has been an email I’ve sent to a few people but haven’t gotten any feedback yet or they don’t now what to do. My personal question to you is i saw you say something about not giving a valid email. Do u think if i just tell him “ok fine i don’t care what u do, just don’t put in a valid email’ when he beefs with this person he keeps going back and forth with only THAT screen name will be suspended and NOT all of them on the IP cause they wont have a way of finding me. or is that to simple and they are aware of all the IP’s?? some of the stuff i said in this email may not have anything to do with what u were talking about so just disregard that but the basic premise is there.. thanks for taking the time to read.. hope to hear back from you. If u can help me out id be more than happy to promote your website on my twitter page.. all the best


  3. I have been suspended from twitter and i do not know why. What do i do. my account is under my real name and i have had it for a long time?? please help me

  4. I wish I could help. I’ve had a ton of my account suspended. I’ve had a couple accounts reactivated, but they are really slow about reactivating accounts. Just go to the support section and fill out a request to be unsuspended. And then cross your fingers. Good luck!

  5. all you can is to ust go to the support section and fill out a request to be unsuspended

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